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Today's food service focuses on experiences: good products, outstanding service and optimal furnishing designs determine whether guests feel comfortable or not. Locations must reflect diversity, creativity and modernity as they underscore function and maintain brand consistency.

We support you in designing your food service areas with our facilities competence - from planning to full implementation. Work with us to create modern experiences and an outstanding feeling at your location.

Case Studies

German Soccer Museum, Dortmund

The German Soccer Museum was opened on October 23rd, 2015 as the national museum of the Deutschen Fußball-Bundes (DFB - German Football Association) in Dortmund.
The fan shop and food service area have recently been redesigned – agency Moysig Retail Design GmbH developed a “vibrant and emotional” design, which KORDA then implemented. The overall experience of the museum is continued in the redesigned shop and food service area, allowing visitors to either use the space to reflect on their museum visit or as a great way to round out their day. Multiple classic soccer elements and the furnishing designs support this approach: lockers, changing benches, and jersey numbers on the tables, hexagonal tiles reflect soccer ball elements, while latticework walls reflect a goalie’s net and create a clubhouse feel. Posters show life-size images to create added highlights.
The cabinets offer presentation space and storage, while creating an emotional connection to visitors, placing them right in the center of the action and up close and personal with players - just as the museum itself does. The bistro area is visible from the outside thanks to its imposing glass front, and inspires non-visitors to come in and enjoy the dining options available at the German Soccer Museum.
The lighting concept was a unique challenge: since the space did not allow for suspended lighting, we chose a trade fair truss system: in addition to providing optimal lighting for products in the presentation area, this lighting system also provides the best possible and most impressive illumination for the food service area. In addition, it also creates design parallels with flood lights and roof structures used in stadiums. In addition to construction, all furnishings, and installation, KORDA also created the lighting concept.

Area: 300 m²
Planning form: Moysig Retail Design GmbH
Photos: Joachim Grothus
Opening date: December 2018

Hoppenworth & Ploch Kaffeerösterei, Frankfurt

The flagship store of Kaffeerösterei Hoppenworth & Ploch (coffee roaster), designed by Mack Spaces, opened in Frankfurt’s new historic city center.
When they enter the store, visitors are directly confronted with the clean, structured counters and sales area.
The café's seating area extends along the generously-sized windows. Seating elements are placed on a small platform, and also use commanding upholstery materials that elevate them from the sales area to create a relaxed and cozy feeling. The suspended lighting also creates more of a living room atmosphere than a commercial feel.
If you'd prefer to follow the classic Italian tradition and stand to drink your espresso, you can do so on the other side. We created a shelving concept there with bar, with the two elements winding through the entire room and leading to the front.

Planning and photos: MACK SPACES GmbH
Opening date: August 2019

sander Restaurant, Frankfurt

sander was created with the goal of offering every guest the ability to enjoy good food and friendly service with friends and family morning, noon, and night.
sander combines pleasure and camaraderie with the diversity and unique flair of German cuisine – modern reinterpretations of popular classics, with select local ingredients and international highlights.
The new facilities include a deli, a restaurant with an open, industrial-style kitchen and a café and bar. Each area has its own individual character. Natural materials like oak, marble and leather combine with brass, copper and velvet. The color palette includes natural, discreet shades of mint green to dark violet and charcoal, accentuated with vibrant orange, pink or sky blue.
The heart of the restaurant is its open, industrial-style kitchen that allows guests to watch their dishes being prepared and creates an experience for all of their senses. The bar with slatted sides serves as a visual highlight in the back of the space, alongside open ceiling elements and brass and copper accents. A second bar made of black steel and red concrete stands on the inviting rooftop patio, which has a view of Frankfurt's skyline.

Area: 800 m²
Opening date: July 20109
Planning: Schwitzke GmbH

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