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Exciting retail spaces

Successful brands need clear brand positioning and a strong market presence. This is especially important for brick and mortar stores, since most purchasing decisions are made at the point of sale. Exciting sales areas with interesting, modern and functional interiors provide customers with an emotional purchasing experience, and are a key factor in their purchasing decisions.

Whether you are building a flagship store, department store, SiS concept, showroom or roll-out concept – we can create exciting retail landscapes for you with that all important wow factor.

As a general service provider, we offer you all the construction services you need, from planning to classic furniture production to logistics and installation.

Case Studies

BRAX, Vienna

With almost 300 sqm² of sales floor area, the Vienna location is one of BRAX's largest stores worldwide. Passionate, stylish, and smart smart – these new BRAX brand values are reflected in the modern “Smartline” store concept, which premiered for the first time in the Vienna flagship store. Next-generation shop fitting is characterized by a modern, gender-specific brand image.

The women’s wear department shines in delicate, bronze gold powder-coated steel, combined with light-colored oak and light leather styles. The men's wear department uses teak, paired with matte black, powder-coated steel and dark leather styles. Store Manager Astrid Magdas and the BRAX team create unique merchandising concepts for the current BRAX men's and women's wear collections, making the store a major attraction in an excellent retail location.

Area: 300m²
Opening date: December 2016

Christ, Linz

From popular trends to designer collections and timeless classics, Christ offers affordable luxury. This ethos is reflected in its shop fitting concept, where dark, restrained furnishings provide a sense of straightforward elegance in combination with golden accents on the walls and ceiling.

Area: 145m²
Planning: Null2elf / Christ
Opening date: August 2016

FC Bayern Store, Munich

The new store concept impresses visitors in its 1,000m² of space with attention to detail, while serving as a neutral backdrop that allows retail goods to shine.

The cash register zone is eye-catching, with an oversized light box and highlight platforms that support foot traffic pathways.

A special sales area with a media bar and 85 inch touch screen integrates digital retail elements that draw in fans and other visitors. Despite all the high-tech features, the store doesn’t shy away from FC Bayern’s respect for tradition and hometown spirit.

Fans can relax in the lounge area and enjoy game-day posters from the long history of Germany's most successful soccer team as they immerse themselves in the FC Bayern World. A large leather couch with TV connection and cell phone charger station invites shoppers to take a relaxing break in a living room environment. Fans can have their purchases embroidered at the new Custom Bar to create personalized, one-of-a-kind souvenirs.

The area design uses clear shapes and rustic materials like real wood, leather, concrete and steel. The ground and laser-etched mastic asphalt flooring not only underscores the authentic character of the store, but is also highly rugged and can resist heavy foot traffic. LED rails and specially designed light rings create a perfect lighting design. The newly opened FC Bayern store in the Allianz Arena skillfully turns the spotlight to fans’ emotions – making a visit to the store an exciting experience for devotees of this traditional club and non-soccer fans alike.

Area: 1030m²
Planning: Gruschwitz GmbH
Opening date: July 2019

Gepp's, Hamburg

Gepp's mission is to make the experience of elite delicatessens a bit more accessible. This is reflected in the store's shop fitting, which uses wooden shelving, selected vintage furnishings and vibrant color accents to create a friendly, relaxed atmosphere for the store's delicious foods.
In order to scale the shop fitting, the brand selected elements like shelves, tables and signs as fixed modules in fixed sizes. The dark stained shelves and tables harmonize with high-impact Gepp's brand colors, while being easy to care for and resistant. Guests can visit the vinegar & oil tasting table and the tasting drawers in the shelves to enjoy a unique tasting experience. Integrated LEDs add an impressive staging element to vinegar & oil products, one of Gepp's core focus areas. The lighting design perfectly frames the brand’s beautiful glass bottles and their unusual design. Selection boards were produced in fixed sizes, then a wooden frame with a varnished finish was added to help them match the shop fitting design. A tidy perforated edge, reflected in the design of the label used on many Gepp's products, is reflected throughout the shelves and the shop as a whole to create a strong characteristic design.

Area: 62m²
Opening date: June 2016

Olymp & Hades, Leverkusen

Right when you enter the store, the large, arrow-shaped lights catch your eye, drawing you inside. They show the way through the 1250m² sales area, guiding you with bright colors, neon lettering and wooden elements.
Solid-wood tables are used to display goods, and collection pieces are placed in three-dimensional wooden frames to highlight them against the back walls. The walls themselves are made of masonry, combined from ornamental and quarried stone.
The changing rooms are made of reclaimed, weathered wood to remind shoppers of a beach house. The wooden floor extends beyond the changing area to create a cozy lounge area with armchairs and sofas – placed directly beside a green oasis, an island of greenery and plants in the center of the store. Finally, the cash register zone is also designed using wood. The wall and flooring made of oil-treated reclaimed wood are complemented by large-scale lettering and solid wood checkout counters.
Pure elements like these are mirrored throughout the main sales area, where the floor is made of sanded screed with a plastic coating. The open ceiling in the entryway area also gives it an industrial feel, along with XXL concrete and ornamental stone platforms. The lighting concept involves custom hanging lights from a variety of designers, helping to structure the industrial design. LED track spotlights with different kinds of reflectors, and fluorescent lights installed in suspended grids, help the store shine in an all new light.

Area: 1250m²
Opening date: March 2019
Planning: Planning Corneille Uedingslohmann Architekten, Cologne

Oberpaur, Landshut

After an extensive renovation, the 50 year-old Boniberger head office has been transformed into a bright, open and modern fashion house.

On the ground floor, plenty of daylight creates a natural ambiance. This is underscored by the long oak floorboards, which are installed primarily in the entryway area. From the ground floor, a new, 10 m wide customer staircase leads to the slightly sunken main sales area. The sales area also uses oak, this time in combination with black steel.

On the ground floor and the 2nd floor, the existing light-gray concrete tiles are interspersed with oak floorboards. However, wood was used not only on the floor but also to design the back wall, for instance in the Jackets department on the second floor, as a dark louvered ceiling on the third floor, and on louvered wall elements extending around corners in the HAKA department on the 4th floor. Likewise, concrete is used for more than just flooring - a “store within a store” has been created on the 3rd floor using exposed concrete. All of the product display elements along the walls and darkened glass panes are suspended from the ceiling. The soft, high-pile carpet installed throughout the department contrasts with these elements, and a softly falling curtain, another contrasting choice surrounds almost the entire block of changing rooms.

Area: 7500m²
Opening date: September 2019
Planning: MAI Messerschmid Architekten und Innenarchitekten
Photos: Adrian Beck Photographer

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