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Exhibitions offer companies a unique opportunity to present their visitors with a brand landscape they can take part in live and in person. Successful trade fair stands set the stage for the brand itself and leave a lasting impression on visitors. The trade fair format is like no other form of marketing, and appeals to all of our senses at once. That is why the architecture of the trade fair stand, and the exhibitions and materials a company chooses, are so important.

If you want to create live staging for your products at a trade fair, we can help you create the yeah effect you need. From initial idea and design to full implementation, we serve our customers as an experienced trade fair construction specialist.

Case Studies

Baselworld, 2019

We took a new approach at Baselworld 2019, and started by creating an all new Press Center for members of the press. We then designed a new restaurant, a Central Plaza and a Pocket Park. All of the areas were combined under a joint CI. Various planter boxes, plant troughs, seating elements and steps created a cleanly structured and harmonious area design.

Real trees, bushes and plants alongside real grass gave the overall concept natural charm. One unique challenge here was to place the living trees and plants in the different planter boxes, and to design the furnishings to withstand watering the plants.

KORDA's diversification was expressed in two different areas. Change, divergence, and international appeal

Visitors were able to immerse themselves in “Experience World” to enjoy the fascinating world of shop fitting. Amorphous structures let attendees get to the heart of KORDA and dive into the fascinating world of KORDA shop fitting. The design created an experience of KORDA's core areas of expertise:
The different rings symbolize the annular rings of a tree trunk in their width, structure and shape. They grow naturally over time, representing the different phases in the company's development from a simple woodworking company to the full-service provider it is today. The diversity of KORDA was also expressed in the blend of different materials used.
In addition, the impact of Experience World was also elevated through integrated iPads where visitors could view more information about the company, references and a trailer with key facts and figures.

In “Future World,” KORDA demonstrated its openness to change and to the many different influences over the world of retail, giving insight into the corporate group's future focus.
The innovative, transparent and competent focus of the company was expressed in the forward-thinking materials used on the walls and floors with metallic effects, high-gloss surfaces and LED lighting. Likewise, the group's international focus was symbolized by intergalactic shapes and mood lighting. moooi hanging lights by Marcel Wanders floated through the room like satellites in space, standing for the individual companies within the KORDA Group. The curved seating elements offered an ideal platform for networking in a relaxed and comfortable lounge atmosphere.

Trade fair: EuroShop 2014
Planning and implementation: KORDA

Meinberg Funkuhren

The Meinberg company from Bad Pyrmont markets time and frequency synchronization solutions. We constructed the trade fair stand for the IBC in Amsterdam using a combination of printed and painted panels.
The printed exterior panels reflected the company's CD and were specially designed for the function.
Arcs dominated inside the square basic shapes, standing for the concept of bridging distances, while the LED light arcs in the company's logo colors drew added attention.

Trade fair: IBC in Amsterdam 2018
Planning and implementation: KORDA

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